Group Manager
Hardware and Driver Software
Joined NI on July 6, 2015


University of North Georgia – B.A. in English with concentration in Writing

Iowa State University – M.A. in Rhetoric, Composition, and Professional Communication

How did you join NI?

I was recruited while I was getting my master’s at Iowa State. During those two years there were two separate recruiting events from NI specifically for technical writing. NI sent a couple employees to come up, and I was president of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) so I was actually coordinating their visits when they came. I knew pretty much while getting my bachelor’s degree that I wanted to go into technical writing, so I was already interested in the career. When I heard more about NI I was super interested in the high tech aspect of NI as a company and I just liked the idea of trying to figure things out. I had a great desire to get out of the winter in Iowa, so while they were on campus I jumped in an interview.

What are the typical activities you do each week as a Technical Writer at NI?

I spend some of my time in one-on-ones with writers on the team that I manage. That involves anything from daily project management to career coaching (here at NI or in general) if there are skills they want to grow. I do some project management across the hardware documentation team. I also contribute to organization wide initiatives that I’m working on to reduce our backlog, improve efficiency, or address growth goals for our organization.

Can you tell me a little more about one of the tasks you listed above?

I’m the type of person who likes to have long-term goals. I like hearing what writers want to accomplish, either in the short-term or long-term, and then making sure I have projects for them where they grow into those skills. That’s one of my favorite things to talk about, what’s engaging in projects for them, and then making sure that they are working on those things that inspire them or allow them to grown whatever skills they want to focus on.

What do you like best about NI?

I like the people. When NI was doing their recruiting visit at Iowa State, I loved the energy that the recruiters had and the way they talked about their jobs, NI, and Austin. That’s always been true since I started working here. I like people who hold me accountable when I make goals and don’t reach them, but I also love having people who celebrate when we accomplish really cool things. So it’s not centered on just projects. It’s also centered on personal growth in the individual, and I like that feeling of community that I’ve had in the company.

How has your career grown since you started at NI?

I was hired as a technical writer for our embedded systems team and I was working on our vision and camera software and hardware. After four years as a technical writer, I made the transition to management.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I won the state spelling bee in seventh grade!