Staff Technical Writer
Radio Frequency Documentation
Summer 2015 Intern
Joined NI full-time on August 22, 2016


Texas Tech University – B.A. English with a specialization in Creative Writing
Texas Tech University – B.A. Technical Communication

How did you join NI?

I first heard about NI when I was a sophomore at Texas Tech. I was in a software usability class when a recruiter came in and talked about NI: what the company is all about, what it was like to be a technical writer there, how awesome the campus is, and how great the people are. I was instantly drawn to the idea of trying to get an internship there.

I applied for the internship during my junior year, and worked as a tech writer intern for 12 weeks during the summer before my senior year. At the end of that internship I was offered a full-time position in RF and I accepted right away!

What are the typical activities you do each week as a Technical Writer at NI?

Most of my work usually consists of interfacing with my developers, and documenting hardware and software products. I’m frequently working on more than one release at a time, so I spend a lot of time documenting new features, updating my document plans, and meeting with developers just about every day.

I also co-lead the Product Documentation customer insight team, am part of the Texas Tech school recruiting team, and am a member of the intern advisory board.

Can you tell me a little more about one of the tasks you listed above?

Interfacing with my developers is really important. I collaborate frequently with my developers and other writers in my group to develop better strategies for documenting my products. I’ve developed a good relationship with all of my developers and I feel comfortable being able to ask them for help and answers to questions.

As a co-lead of our documentation customer insight team, I get to research new methods to collect data about how customers interact with our content. I really enjoy being able to start specializing in an area that I’m interested in outside of my daily documentation tasks.

What do you like best about NI?

  • The people here are incredible, that’s one of the things that keeps you wanting to come to work every day. They’re very sociable. It’s very easy to make friends with the people that you work with. As a writer that’s great because it makes you feel more comfortable asking questions even to people outside of your group.
  • I get a lot of variety in my projects. No two days are ever the same, it doesn’t really get boring especially because in RF I get to work on hardware and software.
  • I get a lot of time to interface with other writers documenting products that are very different to my own. This is useful because it enables cross-group collaboration on our projects.

How has your career grown since you started at NI?

As a Staff Technical Writer, I’ve been able to begin specializing in areas that interest me as a writer. I get to work a lot more on strategies to improve my documentation and contribute to larger discussions in our organization regarding documentation needs now that I have my bearings and am proficient in using our tool chains.

Best RF joke you know?

Two antennas got married. The ceremony was alright, but the reception was amazing!