NI proudly offers a summer technical writing internship for students who are pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Although our interns are typically enrolled in a program with a focus on writing and/or an emphasis on science or technology, we encourage students from all disciplines to apply! If you demonstrate an aptitude for writing and the capacity to learn complex technical information, you may be well suited for this internship.

All internship positions are located in Austin, Texas.


Technical writing interns work within product teams in the Research and Development organization. Potential projects include the following:

  • Creating new product documentation in print and electronic format
  • Performing usability testing on NI documentation with its respective NI product
  • Editing and rewriting content to fit the DITA model
  • Updating documentation to address technical debt and user stories filed by stakeholders

From a technical writing internship at NI, you can expect to develop fundamental skills that you will use throughout a career as a technical writer:

  • Interviewing subject matter experts to gather information for documentation content
  • Hands-on skills operating and learning about hardware and software
  • Written and verbal communication with immediate teammates and coworkers on related teams
  • Problem solving tactics to tackle challenging tasks and projects
  • Teamwork and cooperation with other writers as well as stakeholders from other departments
  • Time and project management tactics to efficiently complete project work


Our internship program offers the following benefits:

  • Hourly compensation
  • A housing stipend or provided corporate housing close to NI campus
  • Relocation stipend
  • Tuition reimbursement stipend if you are enrolled in an internship course
  • Opportunities to work on real projects with real tech writers in the high-tech industry


Refer to the Open Positions page for a more complete lost of internship requirements and information about how to apply.